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Leading up to Easter we will spend some time evaluating a few famous works of art that help bring the Gospel message to life. 

Peter writes to Christians who are living in a land not their own, encouraging them to be steadfast and teaching them how to live out their faith no matter the circumstances. 

A series looking at the various songs recorded in Luke surrounding the birth of our savior, Jesus. 

Approaching Jesus looks at the various ways Jesus was approached in scripture and sheds light on we should approach our Lord and Savior. These 4 sermons were also prepared as part of Daniel's doctoral project. 

Memorable moments takes us through some of the most memorable encounters with Jesus in the book of Mark. These sermons were also prepared as part of Daniel's doctoral project. 

Join us in Matthew 5 as we look at who is blessed in the Kingdom of God. Our Lord Jesus shows how it is not the wealthy and powerful that are truly blessed but rather those the world often looks down upon. 

Here we take a look at some of the smaller, lesser-known books in the New Testament. These letters were written to churches dealing with a variety of issues that can still apply to us today.

This series goes through the book of Colossians, where Paul warns against false teachers and reminds the church of the divinity of Christ.

The Seven Feasts looks at how the various feasts and festivals in the Old Testament found fulfillment in Christ and what that means for us. 

Our Savior goes by many names. Get to know your savior better by learning about them!

Yahweh Nissi, Yahweh Rohi, and Yahweh Tsaba. These are just a few of the names God the Father goes by and each reveals something about Him. 

Adonai, Yahweh, and Elohim. It is easy to have a view of God that only emphasizes one of His attributes. See how His various names paint a more complete picture of His nature. 

The Gospel writers all record the acts of our Lord Jesus but each one does so with their own style and motive. See how the Gospel writers compliment each other and paint their own portrait of the one and only Jesus, son of God. 


Driftwood Christian Church is a community of believers centered in Jackson County, Indiana. We are a non-denominational Christian Church, meaning we hold Scripture as the highest authority for doctrine and practice. It is our desire to bring others to a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ. 

To God be the Glory!


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